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Welcome to the pages of Studying Theosophy. Theosophy was brought forth into the world in the latter part of the 19th Century by a woman called Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, but it represents in fact a re-introduction of one the oldest philosophical schools in the world, based on scientific principles. Persecutions and religious intolerance made it necessary to place it on a low profile during centuries, until eventually conditions changed and allowed its emergence as a beacon of light in the Occident.

Who are we human beings? Where did we come from? Where are we going?, and, above all, What is the purpose of our existence? Anyone capable of thought has asked him/herself these questions at some point in their lives, and a study of Theosophy offers some interesting and viable answers to such fundamental questions.

The right to knowledge
There is an inalienable right for human beings to acquire knowledge, especially concerning those universal laws that rule and condition our development. The information offered on these pages leans fundamentally in the idea that man must find redemption on his own, by means of his own efforts and through the key represented by transcendental knowledge. As long as he continues to depend on third parties for his development, he will in fact compromise it, and the world will continue submerged in the darkness that prevails at present.

The information being offered
The information delivered through these pages should not be considered as a complete and definitive truth. Our intention is not to convince anyone of anything, nor to suggest that students should abandon the religion or philosophy they may be practicing or their preconceived ideas. All he will be asked is to read and listen attentively, and then reach his own conclusions about the material before him. We fully understand that differences in state of individual consciousness will make this material attractive and useful to some, useless and incomprehensible to others. Personal intuition is here the key factor, not mere intellect.

The Resources

The resources for this kind of study are offered to students without cost with respect to the material provided by the author. The same goes for materials provided for the live Courses he personally dispenses, exception be made of audiovisual elements such as CDs or DVDs for which a nominal charge is made in order to cover costs of reproduction. The Law of Love that rules the Universe does not include monetary profits. The knowledge offered in this Course is offered only in a spirit of love.

                                                 Enrique Renard


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